What does MIT-ISBJ stands for?

MIT International School of Broadcasting and Journalism is focused on becoming a centre of excellence in media education and training. Adequate attention has been given to the paradigm shifts in media practices while formulating the curriculum for ISBJ’s academics in Mass Communication and related aspects.

At ISBJ, the training is firmly rooted in the MIT ethos, with a judicious blend of tradition and modernity. This focus on value-based education and mastery over technical skills will provide ISBJ students with a springboard to exciting careers in the media industry.

One of our main focuses is communication for ‘development’. We believe that media practitioners must acknowledge that democracy does not make any sense without development and development is not complete without a right to be heard.

As social engineers, media practitioners, students should represent and reflect the aspirations of all sections of society. As catalysts of social change, they can serve the cause of humanity by becoming proponents of ‘growth with balance.’ This is where a responsible media person’s genuine role comes into play, namely to become the voice of the voiceless.

As the vibrant and ever changing mass media sector is setting more prominence, talented & trained youngsters would be imbibed to join one of the most exciting and rewarding careers. The presence of translational media conglomerates has made the Indian media scape even more promising and it is time for keen aspirants to join MIT-ISBJ and take a giant step towards a promising career.


How is MIT-ISBJ different?


  • Guest lectures by media professionals
  • Seminars on media related and contemporary issues
  • Producing in-house video bulletins for practical experiences
  • Making short films and documentaries on various subjects
  • Outdoor projects to focus on participatory learning.
  • Internet access with Wi-Fi
  • Excursions to important and historical surroundings near Pune.
  • Exposure towards learning through` live coverage`.
  • Professional Workshops by industry veterans.
  • National & International (optional) Study Tours for additional information on media culture and activities in other countries.

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