Why Do We Talk So Much About Financial Literacy?

Financial literacy is an important tool that teaches us to avoid poor financial decisions. We learn how to invest, save, and consume wisely to generate more wealth through financial education. Financial literacy teaches us to balance our budget, avoid unnecessary spending, avoid debt, understand the difference between various financial instruments, and save income for retirement.


There are many good and simple financial habits you can follow now to make a significant contribution to your future well-being.

  • Plan your budget. It will help you to prioritize spending and avoid debts;
  • Don’t accumulate debts. Try to always pay your bills on time to avoid stress and problems with your credit history;
  • Be a responsible spender. It is important to live below your means. Cut unnecessary expenses and pay attention to the "sustainable fashion,"" not mass-market and "fast fashion";
  • Save money for the future. It is important to create a financial cushion for some financial emergencies. No matter how high your income is, it is recommended to set aside from 5% to 10% of your monthly amount.

Planning a budget can be much more difficult than it seems at first glance. The sooner an individual learns to manage money wisely, the easier his life will be. Financial literacy is a very important skill that affects the standard of living of every person.

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